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Khayelitsha Township

Image galleryKhayelitsha (which means "new home" in Xhosa) is a rapidly growing township located outside of Cape Town, near the Cape Town International Airport. The population now numbers almost 2 million people. Khayelitsha, which was created during the 'Apartheid' as a dormitory 'area' for black laborers working in Cape Town, is now a vibrant community with schools, churches, markets, training centers, craft displays and community gardens.

Khayelitsha townshipHousing ranges from informal shacks to permanent homes with running water, sanitation and electricity. While many residents struggle to make a living, people have begun to take control of their lives and the entrepreneurial spirit of the people is evident to visitors. Township stays are becoming an increasingly popular highlight on many Cape Town visitors "travel itineraries". Experience the sincere hospitality and down-to-earth vibes of Cape Town's townships at Lungi’s Township B&B!

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Experience the township of Khayelitsha yourself. Enquire for a township tour during your stay and see for yourself what life in Khayelitsha is about.